Studio 49 Orff Instrument Series

Series 500 easycussion

Barred instrument series in alto range with c-pentatonic scale

The pentatonic Series 500 Easycussion instruments always create harmonic sound, no matter which tones are played or in which order they are played. These instruments are perfect for accompaniment but can also be used for playing simple melodies. Pentatonic instruments of Series 500 are ideal for the first steps in music for young and old. These can be used both in music therapy settings and at home. Series 500 includes 3 alto instruments: glockenspiel, xylophone and metallophone. All three instruments have attached bars and mallets, making storage and transportation stress-free.

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Series 1000 Compact Line

Harmonic tone in a compact style. These compact instruments are ideal for elementary music education.

The instruments of Series 1000 offer ideal prerequisites for children's music education. These instruments are perfect for any setting with limited storage and are great for use in the home. The compact style of Series 1000 instruments saves storage space and allows for easy transportation. The unique design also allows the instrument to be played on tables from a sitting or standing position. Three resonance chambers in soprano range and six chambers in alto range ensure balanced quality and sound. The innovative construction of bass instruments produces rich sound and strong volume, while being compact in a handy size and easy to manage with a weight of about 8 kg. These instruments are especially appropriate for school settings.

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NEW! Series 1000 with GRILLODUR®

GRILLODUR® bars are made of highly refined fiberglass material, an alternative to the rosewood bars. Sound characteristics of this material are very close to xylophones. The advantage of GRILLODUR® bars is the ability to hold the pitch through strong changes of temperature and humidity. Instruments with these bars are great for making music in outdoor settings.

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Series 1600

Educational instruments for price-conscious instructors.

Series 1600 instruments fill every need for professional music lessons. These instruments are available from soprano to bass range, in both diatonic and chromatic models. High quality bars and complex chambers in alto and bass range create ample volume and rich, strong sound. Xylophone and metallophone models of Series 1600 have very stable resonance boxes made of 12 mm varnished pine. The handles of these instruments make transportation simple and serve as supports for the mobile instrument stands. Series 1600 instruments in bass range are very compact. A patented design has made the resonance box significantly smaller than those of traditional instruments.

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Series 2000

Series 2000 instruments satisfy the highest musical standards and they are excellent for using both in music schools and elementary schools.

The bars of Series 2000 glockenspiels are made of special alloyed and processed steel, which creates clear, powerful and sustained sound. The bar seating prevents the interchangeable bars from falling out. Xylophones and metallophones of alto and bass range include several proportioned resonance chambers and sound-reinforcing lips on dividers, which create maximum volume. Only rosewood that is hand-selected and expertly cured is used in legendary Series 2000 xylophones. Metallophone bars are made of high-quality aluminium. These instruments have solid wood resonance boxes with handles that allow for easy transportation. The handles also serve as supports for the easily adjustable stands. One can change the instrument with just a turn of the screw, allowing for uninterrupted instruction.

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